Hello World!

Hello! *taps mike* Is this thing on?!

Most of you may know me online as “Tiffanyandlupus” but my real name is Tiffany Marie. I’m a glitter tossing New York City native with a serious obsession for all things related to skincare, lifestyle, travel, fashion and food. At first glance you probably couldn’t tell that some of my most favorite things to do are rustling through dusty bookshelves for new-found treasures, indulging in international eats from various cultures across the globe, swooning over eclectic Korean boy bands, and lusting over the latest products to take Asian beauty by storm.

Here is where I’ll share some of my favorites products ranging from skincare to hair care and even make-up. You’ll learn some of the amazing recipes passed down from my abuela, and travel with me as I cross the border into countries for the very first time. I plan to take you with me as I explore each of my passions in depth so if there’s something you wish to see more of please let me know! Honestly, there just aren’t enough magical words to describe how exciting this experience is going to be all in one sitting so if you’re curious you’ll have to join me on my journey from Soul to Seoul!

Tiffany Marie