Four Asian Beauty Products To Help Your Skin Get Back On Track | Oily/Acne Prone Edition

Let’s get real for a minute. When’s the last time you did a FULL skincare routine and didn’t miss any of your usual steps? Have you skipped a cleanse or two and reached for a cleansing wipe instead? That makes the two of us! Heavy workloads, stress, and health issues are a natural part of life and sometimes can reach beyond our control. When fatigue hits, suddenly your schedule goes up in flames and more often than not your skin is on the receiving end of its turmoil.

How does stress affect your skin? For me, it means an eruption of angsty soldiers marching across my face while leaving behind raging blemishes in its path. My pores become oil slicks and I’m left with a lupus malar rash. Picture an inflamed reddish butterfly stretching its wings across the bridge of my nose. Instant frustration!

Beauty waits for no one! So I’m here to help you cut through all the bullshit, flip stress the finger and quickly find your GLO. Today’s post will focus on skincare that helps remove excess oil, dead skin, and sebum, clear comedones, reduce pores, lessen inflammation and help you get your groove back. If you’re a K-beauty newborn these simple steps will also work for you. Spring is the perfect moment to get summertime fine so don’t get caught slippin’ in these skincare streets!


First up is the cleanse. We won’t be diving into the land of multiple cleansers today. We’ve been having a slacktivist skincare festival lately remember? So let’s take baby steps. Don’t worry, slowly but surely we’ll reach full peak flawless-ness!Kojie San Soap_SoultoSeoul

You may have heard me sing sweet praises for the Kojie San Soap while talking about my acne scar woes last year on The KLOG. Well, it’s 2016 and this citrus scented bar of heaven is still saving my face one pore at a time. This skincare gem hails all the way from the Philippines and while not widely exclusive it packs a very powerful punch. It’s key ingredient kojic acid was discovered in Japan. It’s the result of the fermentation process of malting rice which is how sake is made! It contains very few ingredients which include: kojic acid, virgin coconut oil, vitamin c, sweet orange, vegetable extracts, and glycerin. At about 8 dollars for 2-3 bars you really get the best bang for your buck!

You can the find the Kojie San Acid soap here on Amazon at $8.99 for 3 bars or on Ebay.


CosRx AHA BHA Toner_SoultoSeoulToner should never be a skipped step while choosing a skincare routine and should immediately follow after your first cleanse. It’s important to replenish the moisture and natural healthy oils that foam cleansing usually strips from your skin. Since we’re focusing on reducing pores, removing oil/sebum, and dead skin one of your best options is choosing an acid toner. If you’re fairly new to the wide world of acids don’t fret! CosRx makes a great one called AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner. It may smell like vinegar scented death but it’s super gentle with the help of willow bark extract and apple water to help shed those skin scales we’ve been cultivating during our skincare slack fest.

You can find this CosRx toner at Memebox for $16. As well as from Jolse on Ebay for $16.


Now THIS is the step where you have the opportunity to reach your peak GLO potential! Adding an essence to your routine is kind of like taking a daily multivitamin . So just think of this skincare step as your Flintstones chew-able to a flawless face.


Snowbang Essence_SoultoSeoul

Lordt Snesus, please deliver my face from evil!


*sways slowly to the holiest of hymns* Have you heard of our lordt and savior Snesus? …No?

Well, let me tell you about the godliness of Holy Snails and the miracles of trash it has delivert my face from. Although it’s not crafted with snowflakes and mistletoe, Snowbang Essence has become one of my favorite elixirs. It’s a lightly herbal scented watery essence that was originally created for Cat from Snow & The Asian Pear to help manage her oily/combination skin. Cat is well known for her love of hanbang and with an ingredient list including horse chestnut, licorice root, ginseng, ginger, green tea, and goji berry it’s easy to see why we’re so captivated by this traditional Korean herbal medicine concoction having a celebration on our face! The beauty of this essence is that it was created to seamlessly fit into any skincare routine no matter how minimal or complex. Ceramides, hydrolyzed oats, and botanical extracts team up to soothe acne and oil prone skin without overwhelming your skin.

You can find Snowbang sold online at HolySnails. It comes in two sizes, the travel/sample size called Snowpop is $10 and the full-size Snowbang is $36.

Sheet Masks

Sheet masks are mini moments of luxury; it’s sort of like bringing the spa home with you. My most treasured ingredient is well known for kicking oily skin’s arse: charcoal. Nothing saps the life out of greasy over-sized pores like a bit of this sooty goodness.

Soo Ae Hanbang Charcoal Mask_SoultoSeoulSoo Ae (수애) means great love. It’s a Korean skincare brand owned by the same company who makes high-quality sheet masks for Mediheal, Leaders, and Goodal. Their mission is to give your skin the greatest love story ever told and with the traditional herbal medicine known as Hanbang (한의학) they are what helps make skincare fairy-tales come true! By combining high-grade cellulose with medicinal extracts like green tea, pomegranate, natto gum, mushroom, hyaluronic acid, and naturally anti-inflammatory charcoal powder this sheet mask will help to purify your skin and minimize pores. You can finally say goodbye to the oily cesspool that’s been taking up residence on your face!
You can find these Soo Ae Hanbang Charcoal Flower Sheet Masks at Club Clio. They come in a box of 5 for $25. If you need them sooner than later, they’re also available on Amazon with prime for a few dollars less at $23.

With these four simple steps you’ll be well on your way from slacking to SLAYING with stress-free skin in no time. If your skin tends to be on the dry side, check out my love Coco from The Beauty Wolf to quench your thirst and help protect your moisture barrier (HERE)!

What are your favorite beauty products that help your skin get back on track? Leave a comment to let me know!



Tiffany Marie

  • I love the Soo AE Charcoal masks! I got one as a freebie from Birchbox and was so hooked. Very excited to see that Soo AE is available at Target now and the price is pretty comparable!

    • Thank you Chanda! It’s one of my favorite masks for controlling oily/acne prone skin. Are there any other sheet masks you love?

      • I adore the Tosowoong Sea Cucumber masks they have a great light essence that is perfect for the summer. I also stumbled onto The Creme Shop masks at Walgreens and the Neroli Oil, Green Tea and Milk masks are awesome and it’s nice that I can get them at my local store. My overall favorite brand has been Mediheal, the masks consistently deliver on their promises and the mask material and fit are perfect for me

  • Eve F

    Hello! Great and informative post, but was wondering if you had any advice for a moisturiser and spf 50 for oily acne prone skin?? Thank you 🙂